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Maximillian Snickerdoodle and the ever-patient Isis




The Bloodstained Bookshelf




Yes, indeed she writes: Ashley McConnell is the author of two horror novels, the Demon Wars fantasy trilogy, and numerous tie-ins for the television series Quantum Leap, Stargate SG-1, Highlander, Angel, and (with Dori Koogler) Buffy the Vampire Slayer; assorted short fiction; and nonfiction about writing, science, and various other things. Her first novel, Unearthed, was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel from the Horror Writers of America. She is a long-time member of Novelists Inc.

After many years working in the brown and sere desert Southwest, Ashley moved herself, her cats, horses, and the ever-patient Isis to the Southern US.

There she found that the Southern US could be brown too.

Nonetheless, Ashley and her fur family settled in very well, and she's now working on more fantasies, and mystery projects, and a few home improvement projects (prominently featuring a barn, at the moment).

In November of 2008, Ashley took over the publication of the Bloodstained Bookshelf, a list of forthcoming mystery publications. The Bloodstained Bookshelf was originally published by Kate Derie and Dave Robeson as part of Kate's Cluelass website. Ashley is very grateful to Kate and Dave for the opportunity to keep this invaluable resource for mystery fans alive and kicking!

Stay tuned!




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