The Bloodstained Bookshelf is a (more-or-less) monthly list of recent and forthcoming traditional-print mysteries published in the US. If you are an author, publisher, or agent and have information about a forthcoming book, please let me know for inclusion in this list. For more information, please check out the Notes.

Titles in boldface are new since the last publication of the Bookshelf.

PLEASE NOTE that some prices appear with a (?) following. This means that I haven't been able to determine the actual publisher list price; the amount given is my best guess and should not be depended upon.

Breaking News:

Publishers Weekly has announced that Penguin is merging Berkley Publishing into Putnam/Dutton. This most likely means that a number of cozy series (including some of which I personally am very fond!) will be ending; we have already heard that Julie Hyzy is ending the White House Chef series.

I sincerely hope that all of these authors find new homes, particularly those who had just started series which have such great promise. Some may continue under the new management; at least these days, self-publishing is an option for many of them, and I hope they consider it. I wish them all the very best of luck.

I have also just heard that Five Star is discontinuing their mystery line as well, although I have not confirmed this.

The last listings for Berkley Prime Crime books I have (under the Berkley publisher notation) appear in October, although there may be a few more straggling in. I show Five Star mysteries scheduled through November 2016 at this time.

December 2015 -
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December 2015

    Adler, Rebecca - Here Today, Gone Tamale $7.99 Berkley (Taste of Texas)
    Allin, Lou - The Woman Who Did $25.95 Five Star
    Bannister, Jo - Desperate Measures $25.99 Minotaur
    Benedict, John - Fatal Complications $26.95 Oceanview
    Budewitz, Leslie - Guilty as Cinnamon $7.99 Berkley (Spice Shop)
    Butterworth, William E. III - The Hunting Trip $29.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons
    Bywaters, Grant - The Red Storm $25.99 Minotaur
    Carter, Chris - An Evil Mind $25.00 Atria (Robert Hunter)
    Carmack, Amanda - Murder at Whitehall $7.99 NAL/Obsidian
    Cleeves, Ann - Harbour Street $25.99 Minotaur (Vera Stanhope)
    Cleland, Jane K. - Ornaments of Death $25.99 Minotaur (Josie Prescott Antiques)
    Cook, J. J. - Fat Tuesday Fricassee $7.99 Berkley (Buscuit Bowl Food Truck)
    Copperman, E. J. - Ghost in the Wind $7.99 Berkley (Haunted Guesthouse)
    Cox, Susan - The Man on the Washing Machine $25.99 Minotaur
    Coyle, Cleo - Dead to the Last Drop $26.95 Berkley (Coffeehouse)
    Cruikshanks, Lucy - The Road to Rangoon $26.99 Quercus
    Cutler, Judith - Guilty as Sin $28.95 Severn House (Lina Townend)
    Dams, Jeanne - Blood Will Tell $28.95 Severn House (Dorothy Martin)
    de la Motte, Anders - MemoRandom $16.00 Atria
    Emerson, Kathy Lynn - Murder in the Merchant's Hall $28.95 Severn House (Mistress Jaffrey)
    Ewan, Chris - Dark Tides $25.99 Minotaur
    Fee, Vickie - Death Crashes the Party $7.99 Kensington (Liv and Di in Dixie)
    Fitzsimmons, Matthew - The Short Drop $24.95 Thomas & Mercer
    Fowler, Christopher - Bryant & May and the Burning Man $26.00 Bantam (Peculiar Crimes)
    Friedman, Daniel - Riot Most Uncouth $24.99 Minotaur (Lord Byron)
    Gerritsen, Tess - Whistleblower $28.95 Severn House
    Giambanco, Valentina - The Dark $26.99 Quercus
    Gordon-Smith, Dolores - The Chessman $28.95 Severn House (Jack Haldean)
    Grant, Andrew - False Postive $28.00 Ballantine
    Green, Julius - Curtain Up: Agatha Christie, A Life in the Theatre $30.00 Harper (associational, biography)
    Harrison, Mette Ivie - His Right Hand $26.95 Soho (Linda Wallheim)
    Hawken, Sam - The Night Charter $26.00 Mulholland
    Holt, Jonathan - The Absolution $25.99 Harper (Carnivia Trilogy)
    Howell, Katherine - Web of Deceit $24.99 Minotaur (Ella Marconi)
    Hunter, Maddy - From Bad to Wurst $14.99 Midnight Ink (Passport to Peril)
    Husom, Christine - The Iced Princess $7.99 Berkley (Snow Globe)
    Jackson, Lisa - After She's Gone $25.00 Kensington (West Coast)
    Kahn, Michael - Trophy Widow $15.95 Poisoned Pen (Rachel Gold)
    Kisor, Henry - Tracking the Beast $25.95 Five Star
    Koontz, Dean - Ashley Bell $28.00 Bantam
    Mack, Janey - Choked Up $15.00 Kensington (Maisie McGrane)
    Maxwell, Alyssa - Murder Most Malicious $25.00 Kensington (Lady and Lady's Maid)
    Miller, Emma - Plain Dead $15.00 Kensington (Amish)
    Milton, Nina - Beneath the Tor $14.99 Midnight Ink (Shaman)
    Mizushima, Margaret - Killing Trail $14.99 Crooked Lane (r) (Timber Creek K-9)
    Mulford, Carolyn - Show Me the Ashes $25.95 Five Star
    Olson, Karen E. - Hidden $28.95 Severn House
    Oust, Gail - Cinnamon Toasted $25.99 Minotaur (Spice Shop)
    Ramsay, Frederick - The Fifty-First Star $26.95 Poisoned Pen (Ike Schwartz)
    Ramsay, Frederick - The Vulture $26.95 Poisoned Pen (Ike Schwartz)
    Ripley, J. R. - Buried in Beignets $28.95 Severn House (Maggie Miller)s
    Rollins, James - The Bone Labyrinth $25.99 William Morrow (Sigma Force)
    Rosenfelt, David - Blackout $25.99 Minotaur
    Schofield, Douglas - Time of Departure $24.99 Minotaur
    Stein, Triss - Brooklyn Secrets $26.95 Poisoned Pen (Erica Donato)
    Stuyck, Karen Hanson - Death by Dumpster $25.95 Five Star
    Taylor, Brad - The Forgotten Soldier $27.00 (Pike Logan)
    Tremel, Joyce - To Brew or Not to Brew $7.99 Berkley (Brewing Trouble)
    Tursten, Helene, and Marlaine Delargy - The Treacherous Net $26.95 Soho (Irene Huss)
    Wait, Lea - Thread and Gone $7.99 Kensington (Mainely Needlepoint)
    Wiley, Michael - Second Skin $28.95 Severn House (Det. Daniel Turner)
    Wilson, Glenis - Dead on Course $28.95 Severn House (Harry Radcliffe)
    Wolfe, Ethan J. - Murphy's Law $25.95 Five Star (Regulator)


    Abbott, Jeff - The First Order $26.00 Grand Central (Sam Capra)
    Brady, Jacklyn - The Cakes of Monte Cristo $7.99 Berkley (Piece of Cake)
    Burke, Alafair - The Ex $26.99 Harper
    Burke, Zoe - No Gun Intended $26.95 Poisoned Pen (Annabelle Starkey)
    Burnsworth, David - Burning Heat $25.95 Five Star
    Cass, Richard J. - Solo Act $25.95 Five Star (Elder Darrow)
    Clare, Pamela - Seduction Game $7.99 Berkley (I-Team)
    Coleman, Reed Farrel - Where It Hurts $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (Gus Murphy)
    Conrad, Hy - Dearly Departed $25.00 Kensington (Amy's Travel)
    Cook, J. J. - Sweet Pepper Hero $7.99 Berkley (Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade)
    Costantini, Roberto - The Root of All Evil $26.99 Quercus
    Crook, Jeff - The Covenant $25.99 Minotaur (Jackie Lyons)
    DePoy, Phillip - A Prisoner in Malta $25.99 Minotaur
    Donlea, Charlie - Summit Lake $25.00 Kensington
    Dorsey, Tim - Coconut Cowboy $25.99 William Morrow (Serge Storms)
    Gannon, Joe - The Last Dawn $25.99 Minotaur
    Graves, Sarah - The Girls She Left Behind $26.00 Bantam (Lizzie Snow)
    Hadley, Tessa - The Past $26.99 Harper
    Hall, Parnell - Presumed Puzzled $24.99 Minotaur (Puzzle Lady)
    Hoag, Tami - The Bitter Season $28.00 Dutton
    Herron, Mick - Real Tigers $26.95 Soho (Slough House)
    Hurwitz, Gregg - Orphan X $25.99 Minotaur
    Hyzy, Julia - Foreign Éclairs $7.99 Berkley (White House Chef)
    Jensen, Jane - Kingdom Come $15.00 Berkley (Elizabeth Harris)
    Jones, Darynda - The Dirt on Ninth Grave $25.99 St. Martin's (Charley Davidson)
    Kelly, Michelle - Downward Facing Death $24.99 Minotaur
    Lane, Kelly - One Foot in the Grove $7.99 Berkley (Olive Oil Grove)
    Larson, Ward - Passenger 19 $26.95 Oceanview (Jammer Davis)
    LaRue, Teresa A. - A Talent for Murder $25.95 Five Star
    Lawrence, Mary - Death of an Alchemist $15.00 Kensington
    McCallum, David - Once a Crooked Man $25.99 Minotaur
    Magson, Adrian - The Locker $15.99 Midnight Ink (Cruxys Solution)
    Mahon, Annette - Slay Bells $25.95 Five Star (St. Rose Quilting Bee)
    McKinlay, Jenn - Copy Cap Murder $7.99 Berkley (Hat Shop)
    Miller, Carol - An Old-Fashioned Murder $25.99 Minotaur (Moonshine)
    Mina, Denise - Blood, Salt, Water $26.00 Little, Brown & Co. (Alex Morrow)
    Morgan, Ann - Beside Myself $26.00 Bloomsbury
    Morrison, Scott Allan - Terms of Use $24.95 Thomas & Mercer
    Muller, Marcia, and Bill Pronzini - The Plague of Thieves Affair $25.99 Forge (Carpenter and Quincannon)
    Murthy, Vasudev - Sherlock Holmes, the Missing Years: Timbuktu $26.95 Poisoned Pen
    Nakamura, Fuminori, and Allison Markin Powell - The Gun $25.95 Soho
    Neuhaus, Nele, and Steven P. Murray - I Am Your Judge $25.99 Minotaur (Pia Kirchoff and Oliver von Bodenstein)
    O'Connor, TJ - Dying to Tell $14.99 Midnight Ink (Gumshoe Ghost)
    Orgain, Diana - A Second Chance at Murder $7.99 Berkley (Love or Money)
    Pandian, Gigi - The Masquerading Magician $14.99 Midnight Ink (Accidental Alchemist)
    Perry, Thomas - Forty Thieves $26.00 Mysterious
    Petrie, Nicholas - The Drifter $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons
    Powers, Tim - Medusa's Web $26.99 William Morrow
    Rankin, Ian - Even Dogs in the Wild $26.00 Little, Brown & Co. (Insp. Rebus)
    Reed, Eric - The Guardian Stones $26.95 Poisoned Pen
    Rosenfelt, David - Blackout $25.99 Minotaur
    Ryan, Annalise - Stiff Competition $7.99 Kensington (Mattie Winston)
    Shames, Terry - The Necessary Murder of Nonie Blake $15.95 Seventh Street (Samuel Craddock)
    Shaw, William - Song for the Brokenhearted $26.00 Mulholland
    Shelton, Paige - To Helvetica and Back $7.99 Berkley (Dangerous Type)
    Stewart, Fran - A Wee Dose of Death $7.99 Berkley (ScotShop)
    Sweazy, Larry D. - A Thousand Falling Crows $15.95 Seventh Street
    Weber, Tracy - Karma's a Killer $14.99 Midnight Ink (Downward Dog)
    Wellington, David - The Cyclops Initiative $25.99 William Morrow
    Woods, Stuart - Scandalous Behavior $28.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (Stone Barrington)


    Aames, Avery - For Cheddar or Worse $7.99 Berkley (Cheese Shop)
    Adams, Leigh - Hostile Witness $25.99 Crooked Lane (Kate Ford)
    Amis, Fedora - Mayhem at Buffalo Bill's Wild West $25.95 Five Star
    Atkins, Lucy - The Other Child $26.99 Quercus
    Archer, Jeffrey - Cometh the Hour $27.99 St. Martin's (Clifton Chronicles)
    Arlington, Lucy - Off the Books $7.99 Berkley (Novel Idea)
    Barron, Stephanie - Jane and the Waterloo Map $25.95 Soho (Jane Austen)
    Beaton, M. C. - Death of a Nurse $25.00 Grand Central (Hamish Macbeth)
    Berenson, Alex - The Wolves $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (John Wells)
    Blaedel, Sarah - The Killing Forest $26.00 Grand Central
    Blake, Deborah - Wickedly Powerful $7.99 Berkley (Baba Yaga)
    Bommersbach, Jana - Funeral Hotdish $26.95 Poisoned Pen
    Boyce, Trudy Nan - Out of the Blues $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons
    Brody, Frances - Murder on a Summer's Day $25.99 Minotaur (Kate Shackleton)
    Cain, Sarah - The 8th Circle $25.99 Crooked Lane (Danny Ryan)
    Chance, Maia - Beauty, Beast, and Belladonna $7.99 Berkley (Fairy Tale Fatal)
    Clifton, Lu - Scalp Dance $25.95 Five Star (Sam Chitto)
    Connell, John - Spoils of Victory $26.95 Berkley (Mason Collins)
    Connolly, Sheila - A Turn for the Bad $7.99 Berkley (County Cork)
    Coonts, Stephen - The Art of War $27.99 St. Martin's
    Cooper, Amanda - The Grim Steeper $7.99 Berkley (Teapot Collector)
    Daheim, Mary - Here Comes the Bribe $23.99 William Morrow (Bed-and-Breakfast)
    Delany, Vicki - Unreasonable Doubt $26.95 Poisoned Pen (Constable Molly Smith)
    DuBois, Brendan - Night Road $15.99 Midnight Ink
    Edwards, Martin - Murder at the Manor $12.95 Poisoned Pen (British Library Crime Classic)
    Eisler, Barry - The God's Eye View $24.95 Thomas & Mercer
    Estleman, Loren C. - Shoot $25.99 Forge (Valentino)
    Flannery, Tim - The Mystery of the Venus Island Fetish $24.99 Minotaur
    Fluke, Joanne - Wedding Cake Murder $25.00 Kensington (Hannah Swenson)
    Gardner, Lisa - Find Her $27.00 Dutton (D. D. Warren)
    Gaylin, Alison - What Remains of Me $25.99 William Morrow
    Graham, Barbara - Murder By Kindness: The Gift Quilt $25.95 Five Star (Quilted)
    Greaney, Mark - Back Blast $26.95 Berkley (Gray Man)
    Greenwood, T. - Where I Lost Her $15.00 Kensington
    Griffin, Neal - A Voice From the Field $25.99 Forge
    Hagberg, David - The Fourth Horseman $25.99 Forge
    Handler, David - The Lavender Lane Lothario $25.99 Minotaur (Berger and Mitry)
    Harris, Tessa - Secrets in the Stones $15.00 Kensington (Dr. Thomas Silkstone)
    Haywood, B. B. - Town in a Cinnamon Toast $7.99 Berkley (Candy Holliday)
    Higashino, Keigo - A Midsummer's Equation $25.99 Minotaur (Det. Summers)
    Hollon, Cheryl - Shards of Murder $7.99 Kensington (Webb's Glass Shop)
    Hughes, Mary Ellen - Scene of the Brine $7.99 Berkley (Pickled and Preserved)
    Indridason, Arnaldur - Into Oblivion $25.99 Minotaur (Insp. Erlendur)
    James, Delia - A Familiar Tail $7.99 Berkley (Witch's Cat)
    James, Miranda - No Cats Allowed $25.95 Berkley (Cat in the Stacks)
    Kennedy, Douglas - The Blue Hour $26.99 Atria
    Kepnes, Carolyn - Hidden Bodies $26.99 Atria
    Khan, Ausma Zehanat - The Language of Secrets $25.99 Minotaur (Rachel Getty and Esa Khattak)
    Koenig, Minerva - South of Nowhere $25.99 Minotaur (Julia Kalas)
    Lansdale, Joe R. - Honky Tonk Samurai $26.00 Mulholland (Hap and Leonard)
    les Becquets, Diane - Breaking Wild $25.95 Berkley
    Margolin, Phillip - Violent Crimes $26.99 Harper (Amanda Jaffe)
    Marro, Elizabeth - Casualties $15.00 Berkley
    May, Peter - Runaway $26.99 Quercus
    Maynard, Joyce - Under the Influence $25.99 William Morrow
    McDonald, Ann A. - The Oxford Inheritance $25.99 William Morrow
    McLaughlin, Staci - Murder Most Wholesome $7.99 Kensington (Blossom Valley)
    Montanari, Richard - Shutter Man $26.00 Mulholland (Balzano and Byrne)
    Murphy, Shirley Rousseau - Cat Shout For Joy $19.99 William Morrow (Joe Grey)
    O'Connor, Carlene - Murder in an Irish Village $25.00 Kensington
    Patterson, James, and Marshall Karp - NYPD Red 4 $28.00 Little, Brown & Co.
    Pauw, Marion - Girl in the Dark $25.99 William Morrow
    Powell, Jessie Bishop - The Case of the Red-Handed Rhesus $25.95 Five Star (Rue and Lakeland)
    Putnam, D. W. - The Squandered $26.95 Oceanview (Bruno Johnson)
    Quinn, Kennedy - The Last Best Lie $25.95 Five Star (Madison McKenna)
    Redling, S. G. - Baggage $24.95 Thomas & Mercer
    Robb, J.D. - Brotherhood in Death $27.95 Berkley
    Robinson, Peter - No Cure for Love $25.99 William Morrow
    Ross, Barbara - Fogged Inn $7.99 Kensington (Maine Clambake)
    Ross, Loretta - Death & the Brewmaster's Widow $14.99 Midnight Ink (Auction Block)
    Royal, Priscilla - Land of Shadows $26.95 Poisoned Pen (Medieval)
    Scarantino, James - The Drum Within $15.99 Midnight Ink (Denise Aragon)
    Searle, Nicholas - The Good Liar $27.99 Harper
    Sears, Michael - Saving Jason $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (Jason Stafford)
    Shaw, Johnny - Floodgate $24.95 Thomas & Mercer
    Sigudardottir, Yrsa - The Silence of the Sea $25.99 Minotaur (Thora Gudmundsdottir)
    Todd, Charles - No Shred of Evidence $25.99 William Morrow (Insp. Ian Rutledge)
    Tucker, K. A. - He Will Be My Ruin $25.99 Atria
    Vallere, Diane - A Disguise to Die For $7.99 Berkley (Costume Shop)
    Verne, Deidre - Drawing Blood $14.99 Midnight Ink (Sketch in Crime)
    Walters, Minette - The Cellar $24.00 Mysterious
    Wynne, Anthony - Murder of a Lady $15.95 Poisoned Pen (British Library Crime Classic)
    Ying, Song, and Howard Goldblatt - Apricot's Revenge $25.99 Minotaur


    Abbott, Kristi - Kernel of Truth $7.99 Berkley (Popcorn Shop)
    Allin, Lou - The Woman Who Did $25.95 Five Star
    Barbieri, Maggie - Lie in Plain Sight $25.99 Minotaur (Maeve Conlon)
    Barnes, Emily - The Fine Art of Murder $25.99 Crooked Lane (Katherine Sullivan)
    Betley, Matthew - Overwatch $26.99 Atria (Logan West)
    Bowen, Rhys - Time of Fog and Fire $25.99 Minotaur (Molly Murphy)
    Box, C. J. - Off the Grid $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (Joe Pickett)
    Bradford, Laura - A Churn for the Worse $7.99 Berkley (Amish)
    Brady, Conor - The Eloquence of the Dead $25.99 Minotaur
    Brightwell, Emily - Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Prize $7.99 Berkley (Victorian)
    Bude, John - Death on the Riviera $12.95 Poisoned Pen (British Library Crime Classic)
    Carter, M. J. - The Infidel Stain $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (Blake and Avery)
    Childs, Laura - Devonshire Scream $25.95 Berkley (Tea Shop)
    Coben, Harlan - Fool Me Once $28.00 Dutton
    Cooper, Marla - Terror in Taffeta $24.99 Minotaur
    DeAngelis, Camille - Immaculate Heart $25.99 St. Martin's
    Deaver, Jeffery - The Steel Kiss $28.00 Grand Central (Lincoln Rhyme)
    de Beauvoir, Jeannette - Deadly Jewels $25.99 Minotaur
    Donlay, Philip - Pegasus Down $26.95 Oceanview (Donovan Nash)
    Dyer-Seeley, Kate - Silenced in the Surf $7.99 Kensington (Pacific Northwest)
    Edwards, Martin - Serpents in Eden $12.95 Poisoned Pen (British Library Crime Classic)
    Faye, Lyndsay - Jane Steele $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons
    Flanders, Judith - A Bed of Scorpions $25.99 Minotaur
    Florio, Gwen - Disgraced $14.99 Midnight Ink (Lola Wicks)
    Franze, Anthony - The Advocate's Daughter $25.99 Minotaur
    Freeman, Brian - Goodbye to the Dead $26.99 Quercus (Jonathan Stride)
    Grippando, James - Gone Again $25.99 Harper (Jack Swyteck)
    Hamilton, Glen Erik - Hard Cold Winter $25.99 William Morrow (Van Shaw)
    Harris, Gregory - The Dalwich Desecration $15.00 Kensington (Colin Pendragon)
    Hearon, Leigh - Reining in Murder $7.99 Kensington (Carson Stables)
    Hellman, Libby - Jump Cut $15.95 Poisoned Pen (Ellie Foreman)
    Hollis, Lee - Death of a Bacon Heiress $7.99 Kensington (Hayley Powell)
    Ifkovic, Ed - Cold Morning $26.95 Poisoned Pen (Edna Ferber)
    Kaaberbol, Lene, and Agnete Friis - The Considerate Killer $27.95 Soho (Nina Borg)
    Kisor, Henry - Tracking the Beast $25.95 Five Star (Steve Martinez)
    Lake, Deryn - The Moonlit Door $28.95 Severn House(Nick Lawrence)
    Laukkanen, Owen - The Watcher in the Wall $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (Stevens and Windermere)
    Logan, Kylie - And Then There Were Nuns $7.99 Berkley (League of Literary Ladies)
    McKevett, G. A. - Killer Reunion $25.00 Kensington (Savannah Reid)
    McKinty, Adrian - Rain Dogs $15.95 Seventh Street (Det. Sean Duffy)
    Mosse, Kate - The Taxidermist's Daughter $26.99 William Morrow
    Mulford, Carolyn - Show Me the Ashes $25.95 Five Star
    Nesbitt, John D. - Death in Cantera $25.95 Five Star
    O'Neil, Carlene - Ripe for Murder $7.99 Berkley (Cypress Cove)
    Parker, T. Jefferson - Crazy Blood $26.99 St. Martin's
    Patterson, James, and Mark Sullivan - Private Paris $28.00 Little, Brown & Co. (Jack Morgan)
    Quirk, Matthew - Cold Barrel Zero $26.00 Mulholland
    Redondo, Delores - The Invisible Guardian $25.00 Atria
    Reilly, Linda - Out of the Dying Pan $7.99 Berkley (Deep Fried)
    Rizzolo, S. K. - On a Desert Shore $26.95 Poisoned Pen (Regency)
    Rowe, Rosemary - The Ides of June $28.95 Severn House (Libertus)
    Seymour, Eve - Beautiful Losers $15.99 Midnight Ink (Kim Slade)
    Sheridan, Sara - Brighton Belle $25.00 Kensington (Mirabelle Bevan)
    Simon, Clea - When Bunnies Go Bad $15.95 Poisoned Pen (Pru Marlowe)
    Simon, Clea - The Ninth Life $28.95 Severn House (Blackie and Care Cat)
    Smith, Wilbur - Predator $28.99 William Morrow
    Steinhauer, Olen - The Middleman $25.99 Minotaur
    Stuyck, Karen Hansen - Death by Dumpster $25.95 Five Star (Lauren Prescott)
    Thomas, Sam - The Midwife and the Assassin $25.99 Minotaur
    Weiss, Kirsten - The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum $14.99 Midnight Ink
    White, Randy Wayne - Deep Blue $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (Doc Ford)
    Winspear, Jacqueline - Journey to Munich $25.99 Harper (Maisie Dobbs)


    Adams, Ellery - Breach of Crust $7.99 Berkley (Charmed Pie Shop)
    Albert, Susan Wittig - Blood Orange $26.95 Berkley (China Bayles)
    Allan, Barbara - Antiques Fate $25.00 Kensington (Trash 'n' Treasures)
    Archer, Connie - A Clue in the Stew $7.99 Berkley (Soup Lovers)
    Baldacci, David - The Last Mile $28.00 Grand Central (Amos Decker)
    Black, Lisa - That Darkness $25.00 Kensington (Gardiner and Renner)
    Brown, Duffy - Braking for Bodies $7.99 Berkley (Cycle Path)
    Cantrell, Rebecca - Fat Cat Takes the Cake $7.99 Berkley
    Casey, Elizabeth Lynn - Needle and Dread $7.99 Berkley (Southern Sewing Circle)
    Charles, Christopher - The Exiled $26.00 Mulholland
    Crawford, Susan - The Other Widow $26.99 William Morrow
    Dawson, Janet - Death Deals a Hand $15.95 Perseverance (California Zephyr)
    Dufresne, John - I Don't Like Where This Is Going $25.95 W.W. Norton & Company (Wiley Coyote)
    Eastman, Dawn - An Unhappy Medium $7.99 Berkley (Family Fortune)
    Fluke, Joanne - Eyes $7.99 Kensington
    Fuller, Bill - A Girl's Guide to Landing a Greek God $14.99 Midnight Ink (Mythmakers)
    Furlong, Susan - Rest in Peach $7.99 Berkley (Georgia Peach)
    Goldstein, Debra - Should Have Played Poker $25.95 Five Star (Carrie Martin and the Mah Jongg Players)
    Griffin, H. Terrell - Mortal Dilemma $27.95 Oceanview (Matt Royal)
    Harris, Sherry - All Murders Final! $7.99 Kensington (Garage Sale)
    Havill, Steven - Come Dark $15.95 Poisoned Pen (Posadas County)
    Hallinan, Timothy - King Maybe $25.95 Soho (Junior Bender)
    Hilton, L. S. - Maestra $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons
    Hockensmith, Steve, and Lisa Falco - Give the Devil His Due $14.99 Midnight Ink (Tarot)
    Hornsby, Wendy - Disturbing the Dark $15.95 Perseverance (Maggie MacGowan)
    Johansen, Iris - Hide Away $27.99 St. Martin's (Eve Duncan)
    Kaehler, Tammy - Red Flags $15.95 Poisoned Pen (Kate Reilly)
    Karst, Leslie - Dying for a Taste $25.99 Crooked Lane (Sally Solari)
    Kessler, Kate - It Takes One $14.99 Redhook
    King, Laurie R. - The Murder of Mary Russell $28.00 Bantam
    Lehane, Con - Murder at the 42nd Street Library $25.99 Minotaur
    Levinson, Robert S. - The Stardom Affair $25.95 Five Star
    Maxwell, Edith - Delivering the Truth $14.99 Midnight Ink (Quaker Midwife)
    McGoran, Jon - Dust Up $27.99 Forge
    McHugh, Mary - Bossa Novas, Bikinis, and Bad Ends $7.99 Kensington (Happy Hoofers)
    McKinlay, Jenna - Vanilla Beaned $7.99 Berkley (Cupcake Bakery)
    Page, Katherine Hall - The Body in the Wardrobe $25.99 William Morrow (Faith Fairchild)
    Patrick, Renee - Design for Dying $24.99 Forge (Lillian Frost and Edith Head)
    Quartey, Kwei - Gold of Our Fathers $27.95 Soho (Darko Dawson)
    Quick, Amanda - 'Til Death Do Us Part $25.95 Berkley
    Raabe, Melanie, and Imogen Taylor - The Trap $26.00 Grand Central
    Redondo, Dolores - The Invisible Guardian $24.99 Atria
    Robotham, Michael - Close Your Eyes $26.00 Mulholland
    Rollins, James, and Grant Blackwood - War Hawk $25.99 William Morrow (Tucker Wayne)
    Rowland, John - Murder at the Museum $12.95 Poisoned Pen (British Library Crime Classic)
    Rowland, John - Calamity in Kent $12.95 Poisoned Pen (British Library Crime Classic)
    Ryan, Hank Phillippi - Face Time $27.99 Forge
    Sandford, John - Extreme Prey $29.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons
    Scottoline, Lisa - Most Wanted $27.99 St. Martin's
    Smith, Karen Rose - Silence of the Lamps $7.99 Kensington (Caprice De Luca)
    Smith, Lachlan - Panther's Prey $24.00 Mysterious (Leo Maxwell)
    Svennson, Anton - The Father $26.99 Quercus (Made in Sweden, Part I)
    Tata, A. J. - Three Minutes to Midnight $25.00 Kensington
    Taylor, David C. - Night Work $25.99 Forge
    Vidich, Paul - An Honorable Man $24.99 Atria
    Whittle, Tina - Reckoning and Ruin $15.95 Poisoned Pen (Tai Randolph)
    Woods, Stuart - Family Jewels $28.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (Stone Barrington)
    Yocum, Robin - A Brilliant Death $15.95 Seventh Street


    Armstrong, Kelley - City of the Lost $25.99 Minotaur (Casey Duncan)
    Axelrod, Stephen - Nantucket Grand $15.95 Poisoned Pen (Henry Kennis)
    Barr, Nevada - Boar Island $26.99 Minotaur (Anna Pigeon)
    Bond, Larry - Fatal Thunder $27.99 Forge (Jerry Mitchell)
    Bourg, BJ - Hollow Crib $25.95 Five Star
    Bridge, Kathleen - Hearse and Gardens $7.99 Berkley (Hamptons Home & Gardens)
    Brown, Eric - Murder at the Chase $28.95 Severn House (Langham and Dupre)
    Brown, Rita Mae - Tall Tail $27.00 Bantam (Sneaky Pie)
    Burton, Miles - Death in the Tunnel $15.95 Poisoned Pen (British Library Crime Classic)
    Campbell, Rick - Ice Station Nautilus $26.99 St. Martin's
    Casey, Jane - After the Fire $25.99 Minotaur (Maeve Kerrigan)
    Clare, Alys - The Night Wanderer $28.95 Severn House (Aelf Fen)
    Clark, Marcia - Blood Defense $24.95 Thomas & Mercer
    Cleverly, Barbara - Diana's Altar $26.95 Soho (Det. Joe Sandilands)
    Cochran, Peg - Berry the Hatchet $7.99 Berkley (Cranberry Cove)
    Collett, Chris - Dead of Night $28.95 Severn House (Tom Mariner)
    Collins, Max Allan - Better Dead $26.99 Forge (Nathan Heller)
    Corby, Gary - The Singer From Memphis $26.95 Soho (Athenian)
    Cutler, Judith - Guilt Edged $28.95 Severn House (Lina Townsend)
    Day, Maddie - Grilled for Murder $7.99 Kensington (Country Store)
    Donally, Claire - Catch As Cat Can $7.99 Berkley (Sunny & Shadow)
    Dennison, Hannah - A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall $24.99 Minotaur
    Farrow, John - Seven Days Dead $25.99 Minotaur (Storm Murders Trilogy)
    Flower, Amanda - The Final Tap $15.99 Midnight Ink (Living History Museum)
    Fox, Tom - Dominus $26.99 Quercus
    Gittlin, Adam - Deal Master $27.95 Oceanview
    Grecian, Alex - Lost and Gone Forever $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (Murder Squad)
    Gresham, Ross - White Shark $25.95 Five Star
    Gutcheon, Beth - Dead at Breakfast $25.99 William Morrow
    Haines, Carolyn - Rock-a-Bye Bones $25.99 Minotaur (Sarah Booth Delaney)
    Hall, Rachel Howzell - Trail of Echoes $25.99 Forge
    Hamilton, Steve - The Second Life of Nick Mason $26.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons
    Hannah, Sophie - A Game for All the Family $25.99 William Morrow
    Harrison, Cora - A Shameful Murder $28.95 Severn House (Rev. Mother Acquinas)
    Hawley, Noah - Before the Fall $26.00 Grand Central
    Hechtman, Betty - Seams Like Murder $7.99 Berkley (Crocheting)
    Hemstreet, Patrick - The God Wave $25.99 Harper
    Hill, Bonnie Hearn - Goodbye Forever $28.95 Severn House(Kit Doyle)
    Hill, Joe - The Fireman $25.99 William Morrow
    Honda, Tetsuya - The Silent Dead $25.99 Minotaur
    Hood, Evelyn - Return to Prior's Ford $28.95 Severn House
    Hooper, Kim - People Who Knew Me $25.99 St. Martin's
    Housewright, David - Stealing the Countess $25.99 Minotaur (P.I. McKenzie)
    Janes, Diane - Swimming in the Shadows $28.95 Severn House
    Johnston, Linda O. - To Catch a Treat $15.99 Midnight Ink (Barkery & Biscuits)
    Jordan, Neil - The Drowned Detective $26.00 Bloomsbury
    Kava, Alex - Reckless Creed $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (Ryder Creed)
    Kiely, Tracy - Killer Cocktail $14.99 Midnight Ink (Nic & Nigel)
    Kuehn, Steven - Sunken Dreams $25.95 Five Star
    Larsen, Ward - Assassin's Silence $25.99 Forge
    Lippman, Laura - Wilde Lake $26.99 William Morrow
    Logan, Kylie - Irish Stewed $7.99 Berkley (Ethnic Eats)
    MacDonald, Patricia - Don't Believe a Word $28.95 Severn House
    Macintosh, Claire - I Let You Go $25.95 Berkley
    Mackay, Malcolm - The Night the Rich Men Burned $26.00 Mulholland
    Martini, Steve - Blood Flag $27.99 William Morrow (Paul Madriani)
    Maxwell, Edith - Murder Most Fowl $25.00 Kensington (Local Foods)
    McCrumb, Sharon - Prayers the Devil Answers $26.00 Atria
    McFate, Sean, and Bret Witter - Shadow War $25.99 William Morrow (Tom Locke)
    Millet, Lydia - Sweet Lamb of Heaven $25.95 W.W. Norton & Company
    Moody, Susan - Quick and the Dead $28.95 Severn House
    Myers, Tamar - Tea with Jam and Dread $28.95 Severn House (Pennsylvania Dutch)
    Nettman, Nadine - Decanting a Murder $14.99 Midnight Ink (Sommelier)
    North, Claire - The Sudden Appearance of Hope $27.00 Redhook
    Palmer, Daniel - Forgive Me $25.00 Kensington
    Palmer, Daniel, and Michael Palmer - Mercy $27.99 St. Martin's
    Palmer, Matthew - The Wolf of Sarajevo $28.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons
    Parra, Nancy - Newlywed Dead $7.99 Berkley (Perfect Proposals)
    Patterson, James, and Maxine Paetro - 15th Affair $28.00 Little, Brown & Co. (Women's Murder Club)
    Preston, Douglas, and Lincoln Child - Beyond the Ice Limit $27.00 Grand Central (Gideon Crew)
    Pronzini, Bill - Zigzag $24.99 Forge
    Quigley, Jeanne - Murder, By George $25.95 Five Star (Veronica Walsh)
    Riggs, Cynthia - Bloodroot $25.99 Minotaur (Martha's Vineyard)
    Robertson, Michael - The Baker Street Jurors $25.99 Minotaur
    Ryan, Alex - Beijing Red $26.99 Crooked Lane (Nick Foley)
    Salvalaggio, Karin - Walleye Junction $25.99 Minotaur (Macy Greeley)
    Solomita, Stephen - The Striver $28.95 Severn House
    Stacey, Lyndon - Nothing But Lies $28.95 Severn House (Daniel Whelan)
    Sweazy, Larry D. - See Also Deception $15.95 Seventh Street (Marjorie Trumaine)
    Sweeney, Anna - Deadly Intent $28.95 Severn House
    Tesh, Jane - Evil Turns $15.95 Poisoned Pen (Madeline Maclin)
    Thompson, Victoria - Murder in Morningside Heights $25.95 Berkley (Gaslight)
    Trow, M. J. - Secret World $28.95 Severn House (Kit Marlowe)
    Wasserman, Robin - Girls on Fire $25.99 Harper
    Wechsler, Pamela - Mission Hill $24.99 Minotaur (Abby Endicott)
    Whitehouse, Lucie - Keep You Close $26.00 Bloomsbury
    Wilde, Darcie - A Useful Woman $15.00 Berkley (Regency)


    Aldred, Ryan - Rum Luck $25.95 Five Star (Bar on a Beach)
    Balzo, Sandra - To the Last Drop $28.95 Severn House (Maggy Thorsen)
    Bannalec, Jean-Luc - Murder on Brittany Shores $24.99 Minotaur
    Bilal, Parker - City of Jackals $27.00 Bloomsbury (Makana)
    Black, Cara - Murder on the Quai $27.95 Soho (Aimée Leduc)
    Blackmore, Stephanie - Engaged in Death $7.99 Kensington (Wedding Planner)
    Blevins, Win, and Meredith Blevins - Stealing Fire $25.99 Forge
    Bradford, Laura - Éclair and Present Danger $7.99 Berkley (Emergency Dessert Squad)
    Brown, Eric - Murder at the Loch $28.95 Severn House (Langham and Dupree)
    Burton, Miles - The Secret of High Eldersham $12.95 Poisoned Pen (British Library Crime Classic)
    Carmack, Amanda - Murder at Fontainebleau $7.99 NAL/Obsidian
    Clifford, Joe - December Boys $26.95 Oceanview (Jay Porter)
    Coes, Ben - First Strike $26.99 St. Martin's (Dewey Andreas)
    Connolly, Sheila - Dead End Street $7.99 Berkley (Museum)
    Copperman, E. J. - Written Off $25.99 Crooked Lane (Mysterious Detective)
    Corrigan, Maya - Final Fondue $7.99 Kensington
    Dalton, Annie - Written in Red $28.95 Severn House (Anna Hopkins)
    Daniel, Ray - Child Not Found $15.99 Midnight Ink (Tucker)
    Davis, Krista - The Diva Serves High Tea $7.99 Berkley (Domestic Diva)
    di Marco, Connie - The Madness of Mercury $15.99 Midnight Ink (Zodiac)
    Doiron, Paul - Widowmaker $25.99 Minotaur (Mike Bowditch)
    Easley, Warren - An Indecent Burial $15.95 Poisoned Pen (Cal Claxton)
    Evanovich, Janet, and Lee Goldberg - The Pursuit $28.00 Bantam (Fox and O'Hare)
    Finch, Kay - The Black Cat Knocks on Wood $7.99 Berkley
    Finder, Joseph - Guilty Minds $28.00 Dutton
    Freydont, Shelley - A Golden Cage $16.00 Berkley (Newport Gilded Age)
    Goddard, Robert - The Corners of the Globe $25.00 Mysterious (James Maxted)
    Guillebeau, Michael - Play Nice $25.95 Five Star
    Haseldine, Jane - The Last Time She Saw Him $25.00 Kensington
    Hayes, Terry - The Year of the Locust $27.99 Atria
    Hiebert, Michael - Sticks and Stones $15.00 Kensington (Alvin, Alabama)
    Hilderbrand, Elin - Here's To Us $28.00 Little, Brown & Co.
    Hollon, Cheryl - Cracked to Death $7.99 Kensington (Webb's Glass Shop)
    Howard, Linda - Troublemaker $25.99 William Morrow
    Hyzy, Julia - Grace Sees Red $7.99 Berkley (Manor House)
    Jewell, Lisa - The Girls $25.00 Atria
    Jones, Darynda - The Curse of the Tenth Grave $26.99 St. Martin's (Charley Davidson)
    Keeley, D. A. - Destiny's Pawn $15.99 Midnight Ink (Peyton Cote)
    Kellerman, Faye - Killing Season $25.99 William Morrow
    Kennedy, Mary - A Premonition of Murder $7.99 Berkley (Dream Club)
    Kope, Spencer - Collecting the Dead $25.99 Minotaur
    Koreto, Richard J. - Death on the Sapphire $25.99 Crooked Lane (Lady Frances Ffolkes)
    Kuhns, Eleanor - The Devil's Cold Dish $25.99 Minotaur (Will Rees)
    Levine, Laura - Murder Has Nine Lives $25.00 Kensington (Jaine Austen)
    Limon, Martin - Ping-Pong Heart $26.95 Soho (Sgts. Sueño and Bascom)
    Ludwig, Avram - Shooting the Sphinx $25.99 Forge
    Marks, Mary - Something's Knot Kosher $7.99 Kensington (Quilting)
    Masters, Priscilla - Dangerous Minds $28.95 Severn House
    Meltzer, Brad, and Tod Goldberg - The House of Secrets $30.00 Grand Central
    McAndrews, Jennifer - A Shattering Crime $7.99 Berkley (Stained Glass)
    McCrumb, Sharyn - Prayers the Devil Answers $25.99 Atria
    McKenzie, C. B. - Burn What Will Burn $24.99 Minotaur
    Olsen, Karen E. - Shadowed $28.95 Severn House (Nicole Jones)
    O'Malley, Thomas, and Douglas Graham Purdy - We Were Kings $26.00 Mulholland
    Panowich, Brian - Like Lions $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons
    Patterson, James - Private Rio $28.00 Little, Brown & Co.
    Pegau, Cathy - Borrowing Death $15.00 Kensington (Charlotte Brody)
    Perez-Reverte, Arturo - What We Become $27.99 Atria
    Rosett, Sara - Marriage, Monsters-in-Law, and Murder $25.00 Kensington (Ellie Avery)
    Ruud, Jay - The Knight's Riddle: What Women Want Most $25.95 Five Star (Merlin)
    Runcie, James - Sidney Chambers and the Dangers of Temptation $27.00 Bloomsbury (Grantchester)
    Ryan, Hank Phillippi - Air Time $25.99 Forge
    Ramsey, Frederick - Danger Woman $15.95 Poisoned Pen (Botswana)
    Sallis, James - Willnot $26.00 Bloomsbury
    Schutt, Bill, and J. R. Finch - Hell's Gate $26.99 William Morrow
    Scott, J. Todd - The Far Empty $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons
    South, Sheri Cobb - Too Hot to Handel $25.95 Five Star (John Pickett)
    Swinson, David - The Second Girl $26.00 Mulholland
    Taylor, Brad - Ghosts of War $27.00 Dutton (Pike Logan)
    Thor, Brad - Foreign Agent $28.00 Atria
    Tremblay, Paul - Disappearance at Devil's Rock $25.99 William Morrow
    Wiley, Michael - Black Hammock $28.95 Severn House (Det. Daniel Turner)
    Ziskin, James W. - Heart of Stone $15.95 Seventh Street (Ellie Stone)


    Abbott, Allyson K. - Shots in the Dark $7.99 Kensington (Mac's Bar)
    Abbott, Megan - You Will Know Me $26.00 Little, Brown & Co.
    Adler, Elizabeth - The Charmers $26.99 Minotaur
    Ambrose, Marty - Coastal Corpse $25.95 Five Star (Mango Bay)
    Atkins, Ace - The Innocents $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (Quinn Colson)
    Befeler, Mike - Court Trouble $25.95 Five Star
    Berenson, Laurien - Live and Let Growl $25.00 Kensington (Melanie Travis)
    Bolton, Sharon - Daisy in Chains $25.99 Bantam
    Boone, Ezekiel - The Hatching $26.00 Atria
    Booth, Claire - The Branson Beauty $25.99 Minotaur (Sheriff Hank Worth)
    Brackman, Lisa - Go-Between $25.95 Soho
    Buckley, Julia - A Dark and Stormy Murder $7.99 Berkley (Writer's Apprentice)
    Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane - A Most Curious Murder $25.99 Crooked Lane (Little Library)
    Carlisle, Anna - Dark Road Home $25.99 Crooked Lane (Gin Sullivan)
    Castillo, Linda - Among the Wicked $26.99 Minotaur (Kate Burkholder)
    Chazin, Susanne - A Blossom of Bright Light $9.99 Kensington (Jimmy Vega) (r)
    Coco, Nancy - All You Need Is Fudge $7.99 Kensington (Candy-Coated)
    Connolly, John - A Time of Torment $27.00 Atria (Charlie Parker)
    Coulter, Catherine - Insidious $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (FBI)
    Davis, Lindsey - Graveyard of the Hesperides $25.99 Minotaur (Flavia Alba)
    Dillon, E. R. - Threefold Death $25.95 Five Star
    Dunnett, Kaitlyn - Kilt at the Highland Games $25.00 Kensington (Liss MacCrimmon)
    Eckel, Wendy Sand - Death at the Day Lily Cafe $25.99 Minotaur
    Esposito, Shannon - High Jinks $28.95 Severn House (Paws and Pose)
    Fairstein, Linda - Killer Look $28.00 Dutton (Alexandra Cooper)
    Fields, Tricia - Midnight Crossing $25.99 Minotaur (Josie Gray)
    Fluke, Joanne - Wicked $7.99 Kensington
    Downie, Ruth - Vita Brevis $26.00 Bloomsbury (Medicus)
    Gregorio, Michael - Think Wolf $28.95 Severn House (Sebastiano Cangio)
    Hall, Patricia - Deep Waters $28.95 Severn House (Kate O'Donnell)
    Hambly, Barbara - Drinking Gourd $29.95 Severn House (Benjamin January)
    Harris, Shaun - The Hemingway Thief $15.95 Seventh Street
    Hawvermale, Lance - Face Blind $26.99 Minotaur
    Hechtman, Betty - Gone With the Wool $7.99 Berkley (Yarn Retreat)
    Hesse, Jennifer D. - A Midsummer Night's Mischief $7.99 Kensington
    Howells, Debbie - The Beauty of the End $25.00 Kensington
    Hunt, James Patrick - Once Upon A Time in Camelot $25.95 Five Star
    Hyde, Katherine Bolger - Arsenic with Austen $24.99 Minotaur
    Johansen, Iris - Night and Day $27.99 St. Martin's
    Khemiri, Jonas Hassen - Everything I Don't Remember $25.00 Atria
    Larsen, K. J. - There Was a Crooked Man $15.95 Poisoned Pen (Cat DeLuca)
    Lovesey, Peter - Another One Goes Tonight $27.95 Soho (Det. Peter Diamond)
    Lovesey, Peter - The Secret of Spandau $29.95 Severn House
    Magson, Adrian - Hard Cover $29.95 Severn House (Marc Portman)
    Malfi, Ronald - The Night Parade $15.00 Kensington
    Moran, Terrie Farley - Read to Death $7.99 Berkley (Read'em and Eat)
    Morrigan, Laurie - Take the Monkey and Run $7.99 Berkley (Call of the Wilde)
    Mina, Denise - The Long Drop $26.00 Little, Brown & Co. (Alex Morrow)
    Muller, Marcia - Someone Always Knows $26.00 Grand Central (Sharon McCone)
    Myers, Amy - Classic At Bay $28.95 Severn House (Jack Colby)
    Nakamura, Fuminori, and Kalau Almony - The Kingdom $25.95 Soho
    Noory, George - Night Talk $25.99 Forge
    Overton, Hollie - Baby Doll $25.00 Redhook
    Perona, Elizabeth - Murder Under the Covered Bridge $14.99 Midnight Ink (Bucket List)
    Ramsey, Frederic - Danger Woman $26.95 Poisoned Pen (Botswana)
    Reed, Hannah - Dressed to Kilt $7.99 Berkley (Scottish Highlands)
    Reid, R. Jean - Roots of Murder $15.99 Midnight Ink
    Rimington, Stella - Breaking Cover $26.00 Bloomsbury (Liz Carlyle)
    Pearson, Ridley - White Bone $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (Risk Agent)
    Richards, Penny - An Untimely Frost $15.00 Kensington
    Rosenfelt, David - Outfoxed $25.99 Minotaur (Andy Carpenter)
    Swierczynski, Duane - Revolver $26.00 Mulholland
    Thomas, Julia - The English Boys $15.99 Midnight Ink
    Tremayne, Peter - The Second Death $26.99 Minotaur (Sister Fidelma)
    Stacey, Lyndon - No Second Chances $28.95 Severn House (Daniel Whelan)
    Vallgren, Carl-Johan - The Boy in the Shadows $26.99 Quercus
    Walker, Wendy - All is Not Forgotten $26.99 St. Martin's
    Wilken, Linda - Toasting Up Trouble $7.99 Berkley (Dinner Club)
    Winters, Ben - Underground Airlines $26.00 Mulholland
    Woods, Stuart - Dishonorable Intentions $28.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons
    Wurster, Erich - The Coaster $26.95 Poisoned Pen


    Adams, Ellery - Murder in the Secret Garden $7.99 Berkley (Book Retreat)
    Alber, Lisa - Whispers in the Mist $15.99 Midnight Ink (County Clare)
    Andrews, Donna - Die Like an Eagle $25.99 Minotaur (Meg Lanslow)
    Ballard, Mignon F. - Miss Dimple and the Slightly Bewildered Angel $25.99 Minotaur
    Beaumont, Maegan - Blood of Saints $15.99 Midnight Ink (Sabrina Vaughn)
    Boffard, Rob - Impact $9.99 Redhook
    Bowen, Rhys - Crowned and Dangerous $26.00 Berkley (Royal Spyness)
    Cameron, W. Bruce - Repo Madness $25.99 Forge
    Cleeves, Ann - Thin Air $15.99 Minotaur (Shetland Island)s
    Cotterill, Colin - I Shot the Buddha $26.95 Soho (Dr. Siri Paiboun)
    Crombie, Deborah - The Garden of Lamentations $25.99 William Morrow (Duncan Kinkaid/Gemma James)
    Coughlin, Jack, and Donald A. Davis - Long Shot $26.99 St. Martin's (Kyle Swanson)
    Crider, Bill - Survivors Will Be Shot Again $25.99 Minotaur (Sheriff Dan Rhodes)
    Duffy, Margaret - Dust to Dust $28.99 Severn House (Gillard and Langley)
    Elias, Gerald - Playing With Fire $28.99 Severn House (Daniel Jacobus)
    Fanning, Diane - Treason in the Secret City $28.99 Severn House (Libby Clark)
    Farnsworth, Christopher - Killfile $25.99 William Morrow
    Ferris, Monica - Knit Your Own Murder $25.95 Berkley (Betsy Devonshire)
    Finger, Gerrie Ferris - American Nights $25.95 Five Star (Moriah Dru/Richard Lake)
    Forstchen, William R. - Unite or Die $25.99 Forge
    Freeman, R. Austin - The Red Thumb Mark $12.99 Berkley (Dr. Thorndyke)
    Gaind, Arjin - A Very Pukka Murder $26.95 Poisoned Pen
    Gerber, Daryl Wood - Grilling the Subject $7.99 Berkley (Cookbook Nook)
    Griffin, W. E. B. - Broken Trust $28.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (Badge of Honor)
    Hamilton, Victoria - Much Ado About Muffin $7.99 Berkley (Merry Muffin)
    Herbert, A. L. - Murder With Macaroni and Cheese $15.00 Kensington (Mahalia Watkins)
    Holahan, Cate - The Widower's Wife $25.99 Crooked Lane
    Holmes, Julianne - Clock and Dagger $7.99 Berkley (Clock Shops)
    Jaffarian, Sue Ann - Ghosts of Misty Hollow $7.99 Berkley (Granny Apples)
    Jensen, Jane - In the Land of Milk and Honey $16.00 Berkley (Elizabeth Harris)
    Keller, Julia - Sorrow Road $25.99 Minotaur (Bell Elkins)
    Kelly, Diane - Death, Taxes, and a Satin Garter $7.99 Berkley (Tara Holloway)
    Khan, Vaseem - The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown $15.99 Redhook (Baby Ganesh Investigation Agency)
    Kortya, Michael - Echoes $26.00 Little, Brown & Co.
    Lake, Deryn - Death at the Boston Tea Party $28.99 Severn House (John Rawlings)
    Larsen, K. J. - There Was a Crooked Man $26.95 Poisoned Pen (Kat DeLuca)
    Lyle, Dixie - Purrfectly Dead $7.99 Berkley (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot)
    Maberry, Jonathan - The King of Plagues $9.99 Berkley (Joe Ledger)
    Mamatas, Nick - I Am Providence $15.99 Berkley
    Moose, Ruth - Wedding Bell Blues $25.99 Minotaur (Dixie Dew)
    Oleksiw, Susan - When Krishna Calls $25.95 Five Star (Anita Ray)
    Olsen, Rena - The Girl Before $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons
    Patterson, James, and Chris Grabenstein - Peril at the Top of the World $26.00 Little, Brown & Co. (Treasure Hunters)
    Patterson, James, and Emily Raymond - Humans, Bow Down $28.00 Little, Brown & Co.
    Pearce, Michael - Women of the Souk $28.99 Severn House (Mamur Zapt)
    Pisel, Angela - With Love From the Inside $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons
    Pryor, Mark - The Paris Librarian $15.95 Seventh Street (Hugo Marston)
    Putnam, Jonathan - Those Honored Dead $25.99 Crooked Lane (Lincoln and Speed)
    Ramsey, Caro - Rat Run $29.99 Severn House (Anderson and Costello)
    Rees, Matt - The Damascus Threat $26.99 Crooked Lane (Dominic Verrazzano)
    Robinson, Peter - When the Music's Over $25.99 William Morrow
    Ryan, Hank Phillippi - Drive Time $27.99 Forge
    Sánchez, Mamen - The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman $23.00 Atria
    Scranton, Roy - War Porn $26.95 Soho
    Spann, Susan - The Ninja's Daughter $15.95 Seventh Street (Hiro Hattori/Shinobi)
    Spencer, Sally - Death in Disguise $28.99 Severn House (Monika Panitowski)
    Spindler, Erica - The First Wife $7.99 Berkley
    Theim, Brian - Thrill Kill $25.99 Crooked Lane (Matt Sinclair)
    Thurlo, David - Rob Thy Neighbor $25.99 Minotaur (Charlie Henry)
    Todd, Charles - The Shattered Tree $25.99 William Morrow (Bess Crawford)
    Tracey, P. J. - The Sixth Idea $27.00 G.P. Putnam's Sons (Monkeewrench)
    Vallere, Diane - Silk Stalkings $7.99 Berkley (Material Witness)
    van Lustbader, Eric - Any Minute Now $25.99 Forge
    Wendig, Chuck - Invasive $25.99 Harper
    Westerson, Jeri - A Maiden Weeping $29.99 Severn House (Crispin Guest)
    Wiggs, Susan - Family Tree $25.99 William Morrow


    Ahnhem, Stefan, and Rachel Wilson-Broyles - Victim Without a Face $25.99 Minotaur (Fabian Risk)
    Beaton, M. C. - Pushing Up Daisies $25.99 Minotaur (Agatha Raisin)
    Benn, James R. - Blue Madonna $26.95 Soho (Billy Boyle)
    Black, Saul - The Killing Lessons $25.99 St. Martin's
    Bolton, Sharon - Daisy in Chains $25.99 Minotaur
    Brody, Frances - Death of an Avid Reader $25.99 Minotaur (Kate Shackleton)
    Brown, Holly - This Is Not Over $26.99 William Morrow
    Buckley, Julia - Cheddar Off Dead $7.99 Berkley (Covered Dish)
    Byron, Ellen - Body on the Bayou $24.99 Crooked Lane (Cajun Country)
    Chiaverini, Jennifer - Fates and Traitors: A Novel of John Wilkes Booth $27.00 Dutton
    Clement, John, and Blaize Clement - The Cat Sitter and the Canary $25.99 Minotaur (Dixie Hemingway)
    Cochran, Peg - No Farm, No Foul $7.99 Berkley (Farmer's Daughter)
    Coel, Margaret - Winter's Child $27.00 Berkley (Wind River)
    Copperman, E. J. - The Question of the Felonious Friend $14.99 Midnight Ink (Asperger's)
    Dallas, Sandra - The Last Midwife $25.99 St. Martin's
    Daniels, Robert - Wake the Devil $25.99 Crooked Lane (Jack Kale and Beth Sturgis)
    DiSilverio, Laura - Close Call $15.99 Midnight Ink
    Esteveo, Jessica - Whispers Beyond the Veil $15.00 Berkley (Change of Fortune)
    Flowers, Jean - Cancelled by Murder $7.99 Berkley (Postmistress)
    Grose, Jessica - The Retreat $14.99 William Morrow
    Haddock, Nancy - Paint the Town Dead $7.99 Berkley (Silver Six)
    Hammer, Lotte, and Søren Hammer - The Vanished $26.00 Bloomsbury
    Hannah, Sophie, and Agatha Christie - Closed Casket $26.99 William Morrow (Hercule Poirot)
    Hart, Elsa - The White Mirror $25.99 Minotaur (Li Du)
    Holm, Chris - Red Right Hand $26.00 Mulholland
    James, Delia - By Familiar Means $7.99 Berkley (Witch's Cat)
    James, Miranda - Digging Up the Dirt $7.99 Berkley (Southern Ladies)
    Janeway, Judith - The Magician's Duel $26.95 Poisoned Pen (Valentine Hill)
    Johansen, Iris - Shadow Play $27.99 St. Martin's (Eve Duncan)
    Kahn, Michael - The Dead Hand $26.95 Poisoned Pen
    Keyse-Walker, John - Sun, Sand, Murder $25.99 Minotaur
    Krueger, William Kent - Manitou Canyon $25.00 Atria (Cork O'Connor)
    Lourey, Jess - Salem's Cipher $15.99 Midnight Ink
    Manning, S. Lee - Trojan Horse $25.95 Five Star
    Mayor, Archer - Presumption of Guilt $25.99 Minotaur (Joe Gunther)
    Mizushima, Margaret - Stalking Ground $25.99 Crooked Lane (Timber Creek K-9)
    Mullen, Thomas - Darktown $26.00 Atria
    Nelson, D-L - Murder in Schwyz $25.95 Five Star (Third-Culture Kid)
    Neville, Stuart - So Say the Fallen $26.95 Soho (Belfast)
    Oswald, James - Dead Men's Bones $25.99 Crooked Lane (Insp. McLean)
    Parker, Ann - The Lies Gold Buys $26.95 Poisoned Pen (Silver Rush)
    Patterson, James - Bullseye $28.00 Little, Brown & Co.
    Robb, J. D. - Apprentice in Death $28.00 Berkley
    Saunders, Kate - The Secrets of Wishtide $26.00 Bloomsbury
    Slaughter, Karin - The Kept Woman $27.99 William Morrow
    Swanson, Denise - Murder of a Cranky Catnapper $7.99 Berkley (Scumble River)
    Ward, Sara - A Fragile Spring $25.99 Minotaur
    Wolf, Kevin - The Homeplace $25.99 Minotaur


    Aarons, Kathy - Behind Chocolate Bars $7.99 Berkley
    Abbott, Victoria - The Hammett Hex $7.99 Berkley (Book Collector)
    Alexander, Tasha - A Terrible Beauty $25.99 Minotaur (Lady Emily)
    Arlidge, M. J. - Little Boy Blue $7.99 Berkley (Helen Grace)
    Bass, Jefferson - Without Mercy $26.99 William Morrow
    Blake, Heather - The Witch and the Dead $7.99 Berkley (Wishcraft)
    Blake, Robin - Skin and Bone $25.99 Minotaur
    Budewitz, Leslie - Killing Thyme $7.99 Berkley (Spice Shop)
    Carpenter, C. J. - Memories Lie $14.99 Midnight Ink (Megan McGinn)
    Chamberlain, Diane - Pretending to Dance $26.99 St. Martin's
    Chance, Maia - Teetotaled $24.99 Minotaur (Discreet Retrieval Agency)
    Christie, Agatha - Little Grey Cells $16.99 William Morrow
    Cleeves, Ann - The Moth Catcher $25.99 Minotaur (Vera Stanhope)
    Connolly, Sheila - Seeds of Deception $7.99 Berkley (Orchard)
    Ernst, Kathleen - A Memory of Muskets $14.99 Midnight Ink (Chloe Ellefson)
    Fury, Dalton - One Killer Force $25.99 St. Martin's (Delta Force)
    Harris, Charlaine - All the Little Liars $25.99 Minotaur (Aurora Teagarden)
    Hart, Ellen - Fever in the Dark $25.99 Minotaur (Jane Lawless)
    Johnston, Linda O. - Unlucky Charms $14.99 Midnight Ink (Superstition)
    Kelly, Sofie - Paws and Effect $7.99 Berkley (Magical Cats)
    Lamanda, Al - With Six You Get Wally $25.95 Five Star (John Bekker)
    Lavene, Joyce and Jim - Putting on the Witch $7.99 Berkley (Retired Witches)
    Lin, Ed - Incensed $26.95 Soho
    MacNeal, Susan Elia - The Queen's Apprentice $16.00 Bantam (Maggie Hope)
    Minier, Bernard - Don't Turn Out the Lights $25.99 Minotaur
    Ragen, Naomi - The Devil in Jerusalem $25.99 St. Martin's
    Rosenfelt, David - The Twelve Dogs of Christmas $24.99 Minotaur (Andy Carpenter)
    Sandford, John, and Ctein - Saturn Run $9.99 Berkley
    Scottoline, Lisa - Corrupted $27.99 St. Martin's (Rosato and DiNunzio)
    Siger, Jeffrey - Santorini Caesars $26.95 Poisoned Pen (Chief Insp. Andreas Kaldis)
    Thomas, Sherry - A Study in Scarlet Women $15.00 Berkley (Lady Sherlock)
    Toussaint, Maggie - Doggone It $25.95 Five Star (Dreamwalker)
    Tremel, Joyce - Tangled Up in a Brew $7.99 Berkley (Brewing Trouble)
    Vallere, Diane - Masking for Trouble $7.99 Berkley (Costume Shop)
    Weaver, Ashley - A Most Novel Revenge $24.99 Minotaur (Amory Ames)
    Webb, Betty - Desert Vengeance $26.95 Poisoned Pen (Lena Jones)


    Blair, James - Deadly Dog Days $14.99 Midnight Ink
    Challinor, C. S. - Judgment of Murder $15.99 Midnight Ink (Rex Graves)
    Crosby, Ellen - The Champagne Conspiracy $25.99 Minotaur (Wine Country)
    Finch, Charles - The Inheritance $25.99 Minotaur (Charles Lenox)
    Gobbell, Phyllis - Secrets and Shamrocks $25.95 Five Star (Jordan Mayfair)
    Higashino, Keigo - Under the Midnight Sun $26.99 Minotaur
    Jaffarian, Sue Ann - Rhythm & Clues $15.99 Midnight Ink (Odelia Gray)
    Kellerman, Faye - Killing Season $25.99 William Morrow
    Littlejohn, Emma - Inherit the Bones $25.99 Minotaur (Det. Gemma Monroe)
    Parsons, Tony - The Hanging Club $25.99 Minotaur (Max Wolfe)
    Smiley, Patricia - Pacific Homicide $15.99 Midnight Ink
    Van Kirk, Susan - Marry in Haste $25.95 Five Star (Endurance)



The Bloodstained Bookshelf would like to extend its thanks and sincere appreciation to Dave Robeson, who created and was responsible for the original Bloodstained Bookshelf for so many years, and to Kate Derie, who published it at her Cluelass website. Without their inspiration, cooperation, and permission, this page would not exist.