Morgan horses

The American Morgan Horse traces its ancestry to a single stallion, Figure, also called after his owner, Justin Morgan. The Morgan is a small, compact horse with a fine head, excellent endurance, and a people-oriented personality. Morgans come in bay, black, chestnut, gray, pinto, dun, cremello, palomino, buckskin--almost every color except roan (there is only one known roan in the breed, a gelding.)

Okay, that's the party line. Now to my horses:

Bildair's After Glow was foaled in 1985. In 1991 he won the Morgan Reserve World Championship in Western Pleasure; in 1996 he was Top Ten in Country Pleasure. Dare was charming, opinionated, persnickety, and thought he was King of the World. He was right.

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Dare passed away in December of 2017 from an impaction colic. I still miss him every day.

RRG Ultralash was foaled in 1996. She has shown in a couple of dressage schooling shows, but she'd much rather be a driving horse, and maybe one day we'll get there. "Maedchen" is a mare of strong opinions; she likes peppermints and small dogs and accepts homage as her due.

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